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All videos were produced, directed and edited by Angela Waye

Tomorrow's Cry
RUNNING TIME: 00:04:45

DESCRIPTION: An alcoholic is forced to deal with his growing addiction by seeing a ghost from the future who warns him about her death.

RUNNING TIME: 00:05:15

DESCRIPTION: A woman has to confront her fears of clowns and in the process uncovers a mystery about her past.

OVC (A QVC Parody)
RUNNING TIME: 00:04:28

DESCRIPTION: A woman tries to sell junk as antiques and answers questions from callers regarding the items they have purchased.

Bound by Fate
RUNNING TIME: 00:07:38

DESCRIPTION: A surreal short video where 2 scientists try to stop the cloning of human beings and find themselves in a lost world where their clones are chasing them.

Choose a Side Music Video
RUNNING TIME: 00:03:19

DESCRIPTION: Hip Hop music video featuring Mic Magic.